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1996-2017 Manchester: 21 years after, the bomb again!

foto ragazzi15 June 1996. A bomb made by Irish Republican Army destroyed the Arndale Shopping Center, located in the Corporation Street.

It was the time of long "battles" against the Ireland union. Only 200 injured people by a put on military bomb into a camion. 22 May 2017; another exploded bomb! A terrorist kamikaze, an ISIS supporter, blown himself up at the end of the Ariana Grande concert, happened yesterday evening at Manchester Arena. 22 killed young people; the younger was only 8 years, 59 injured people and others found people by Scotland Yard Police. The Manchester Police Director prays so asking all UK and international media to not say the terrorist’s name. The work investigation to discover and understanding the terrorist attacks reasons is very hard; prudence is the only external obligation of the same British police officers.


New York and Washington 2001, Madrid 2004, London 2005, Toulouse 2012, Brussels 2014, the Charlie Hebdo  Magazine office in Paris- January 2015, Copenhagen 2015, Suruc 2015, Ankara 2015, Paris-November 2015, Brussels 2016, Nice on July 2016, Berlin before last Christmas, Istanbul- January 2017, London 2017, last week another shock attack in New York city.

1996-2017 Manchester: 21 years after, the bomb again! Today, in Italy is the Memory Day for the Italian judge, Giovanni Falcone, killed 25 years ago both with his wife and the armed guard. Is the MAFIA defeated or not? We still don’t know it! The certainty, now? The international terrorism the hugest nightmare to be destroyed!







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