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Orlando-Florida: shooting and shock. “Folly of the human rubbish”

Strage Orlando foto"Fun, dancing, before". After 02 a.m., the drama has been started.

Shouts, desperation. A gunman, an ISIS supporter exactly, entered inside of the pub, shooting. 53 injured who saved their life; 50 killed people at the end. Charlie Hebdo, Bataclan and the rest of Paris, last year. Now, the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando City. It happened during an organised party. "Call the police, I'm gonna to die". So said to his mum a boy, by mobile phone message, before to be killed in the bathroom. Omar Siddaque Mateen. 29 years old, the killed terrorist by Police, finally, at the end of the long bloody night.


Orlando-Florida: shooting and shock. "Folly of the human rubbish".





Photo: Italian website



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