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"Goodbye Mrs. Doubtfire"

"Good Morning, Vietnam", "Jumanji", "Dead Poets Society", winner of Academy Award for movie "Good Will Hunting", 16 years ago.

Bulgarian press freedom near to "death": the massive protest of the EU

England, Germany, Holland and Italy. Four European countries, which protest together against three members of Bulgarian Parliament who want to limit the press freedom in Bulgaria.

Brazil: "Nightmare again! Germany, give me seven and welcome to Rio."

"Tsunami Germany, humiliated Brazil". The worst defeat after long 39 years. A true heartquake, the desperation of "Selecao" fans and a lost gold opportunity. "Welcome to Rio de Janeiro for Joaquim Low's National team".

Argentine-Belgium and Germany-France: past revenges come back! Brazil-Colombia: possible surprise?

Germany-France, Argentine-Belgium. Past acts of revenge come back, often!

Brazil-Costa Rica: "the show must go on", great Colombia, bye bye Tabarez, "Orange smiles"

"The show must go on". Brazil suffered so much, but finally the "Selecao team" tried to defeat Chile, at the end of a fought match, resolved only by penalties.

Capello and CR7 go home! Algeria wants to write a new history's page

Capello and CR7, go home!

"Leo Messi come back": Argentine passed the first round, Germany-Ghana and Usa-Portugal: goals and fun

"Messi come back". After the poorly played match by Italy, three days ago, last weekend started with the Leo Messi's return.

"Good morning dear Michael"

The great F1 pilot, Michael Schumacher, woke up after a coma long as five months. Schumacher had a terrible skiing accident, beating his head vigorously. Now the same German pilot could leave the Grenoble hospital, so starting the rehabilitation's period. Today Schumacher has won the worst challenge; "he has regained his life again".

Brazil-World Cup 2014: all results after first football matches

All results of the football matches after first round of the Brazilian World Cup 2014


Group A

Brazil-Croatia         3-1 (11'ft OG Marcelo, 29' ft Neymar, 26' st Neymar penalty, 46' st Oscar)

Mexico-Camerun    1-0 (16'st O. Peralta)